Saturday, January 26, 2008

"JJ": The Masked Fashion Designer

one of the most mysterious figures in fashion at the moment. Designer Jonathan 'JJ' Hudson never shows his face to an audience and always wears a surgical mask to hide himself from photographers. He rarely speaks to the press and has never been known to do an just who is he and where did he come from?

His Myspace page indicates that Hudson is 31 and originates from Aberdeen...but that's about it. He's been around in the fashion business for almost a decade now and his label is well known all over the world.

'JJ' as he is known to his friends started out as an MTV presenter and music industry stylist before he discovered a passion for customised vintage clothing.

Hudson is a deep thinking and eccentric character who described his inspiration last season as “A need to see extreme modernist design to counterbalance the corporate retro overload.” He also describes his occupation as “slaughterhouse”, and says “the New York Slasher” is his hero.
His odd outlook on fashion and the mystery around his identity only add to the impact of his creations. For Spring/summer 2008 Hudson gave us a cross between fun childish cartoons and terrifying nightmare zombies. Slashed vintage tshirts, knee high stripy socks and crazy clown wigs were all finished off with the Noki signature surgical mask.

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