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The Most Beautiful Woman in 2011

The most beautiful woman in 2011 is Miss Universe, Leila Lopes from Angola.

God created, formed and made her 100% beautiful from the crown of her head to the toes of her feet.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meg Masha, the Natural Black Beauty

Meg Masha is a natural black beauty who is an upcoming model and actress in Lagos, Nigeria. She has been selected as the cover model for the new annual outdoor film festival, Screen Naija Open Air Cinema Festival and also works for International Digital Post Network Limited.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Erroneous Definition of African Beauty in The Media

Beautiful Igbo woamn Photo Credit: DMV Africans.

Physical attraction in human romance is mostly based on physical beauty.
How we look either attracts or puts off others.

The natural attraction and selection of the opposite sex begins at puberty when we become conscious of the individuality and sexuality of our personality. We begin to attract or solicit attention for relationship and companionship.

Our choices are often based on physical attraction normally determined by our perception of beauty and humans fall into two opposite categories of those we see as beautiful or handsome and those we see as ugly, which in biology does not depend on us, but on nature, since no human has any choice on how, when and where to be born or who should give birth to it. So, we are either born pretty or ugly without our knowledge or consent. And we end up in a world that has already decided to appreciate and favour those who were lucky to be born pretty and to discriminate and make jest of those we were unlucky to be born ugly and would need make up, make over or plastic surgery to correct whatever makes them “ugly”.

Black model Cynthia

I believe that the human perception of human beauty has been determined by how humans look different from other creatures in the animal kingdom. So, any human who unfortunately has similar facial features with an ape, monkey or dog is seen as ugly and that is why the first sight of blacks by whites affected their perception of Africans who they see as looking as similar as monkeys and apes, because of their bolder facial features of broad noses with flared nostrils and dark skin. They did not waste time in addressing blacks in the derogatory terms of “black monkeys” or “apes” and called them ugly until they saw blacks who had facial features similar to their own white Caucasian features of aquiline noses and narrow lips and with fair skin. Therefore over the centuries of western invasion, occupation, domination and imposition of their civilization in Africa, they have made their own Caucasian perception of human beauty the standard world view of beauty which they have drawn, written, photographed and recorded in print and electronic media of modern education for general information in their own nations and the colonies. They have miseducated and misinformed their black colonial subjects and victims to accept this erroneous and ambiguous perception of beauty and made the blacks to use it to define and judge themselves. So, the closer a black person looks like a white person, he or she is seen as beautiful or handsome, but the farther the looks are in contrast to Caucasian features, the black person is seen as ugly!

Portrait of a Whiteman

Portrait of a Blackman

The current perception of African beauty has been influenced and defined by Western Caucasian views as we have been seeing in the selection of the majority of the winners of African beauty pageants.

Oluchi Onweagba and Adriana Lima Victoria's Secret "Sexy Volume 3:

Majority of the winners of black beauty pageants have been those who have Caucasian features like aquiline nose and lips with flowing long hair or braids and this Western perception of beauty is been promoted by both the Western and African media as the epitome of beauty.

Pretty and sexy Black woman Jasmine Murray

Pretty and sexy White woman

We have seen majority of black girls and women who prefer to look like the page three models in American, European and Asian tabloids and those parading on the red carpet in Hollywood or at beauty pageants. Weave on is now a must have by most black girls in Africa and in the Diaspora and they also do skin wash, bleach or tone their dark skin in their attempts to look as fair as mulattoes or white women.

To be obese is now ugly to an African girl! But not so to African mothers who still insist that a typical African beauty must look plumb, well fed and not looking like someone on hunger strike! No native African mother would watch and bear her daughter suffer from the Anorexia nervosa (AN) afflicting many girls in the western world who are obsessed with looking like the malnourished models on the runways of Paris and Milan.

Photo Credits: Dawnali.

The original and natural African or black beauty, a woman should be plump with round buttocks and not lean or thin like the models of Western haute couture. That is why we have fattening room beauty tradition in South Eastern Nigeria as studied by Ann Simmons in "Where Fat Is a Mark of Beauty" on, and and the following features:

The Efik send their women to 'fattening rooms' in preparation for marriage. Further modification of the fattening process requires women to go away to 'beauty ...
• Fattening Rooms in Africa Stir Different Perceptions of Beauty - Cached
17 May 2011 – Fattening Rooms in Africa Stir Different Perceptions of Beauty. In countries such as Nigeria and Uganda, young brides embark on an ancient ...
19 Jul 2007 – Further modification of the fattening process could require women to go away to 'beauty rooms' instead. I would be very envious of any woman ...
• Fattening room: Efik's robust, fading culture - Cached
28 Aug 2011 – The concept of the 'Fattening Room' is an age-old tradition of the Efik people of ... It includes all round beauty treatment from head to foot, using ...
• Where Fat Is a Mark of Beauty - Los Angeles Times - CachedSimilar
30 Sep 1998 – The fattening room is at the center of a centuries-old rite of passage from ... "Beauty is in the weight," said Edet, a woman in her 50s who spent ...

The news media in both the print and electronic channels seem to be the amplifiers of Western Fashion Products and services who are making billions of dollars from selling beauty products based on Caucasian standards of beauty.

• A beautiful woman should be fair.
• A beautiful woman should be tall and thin
• A beautiful woman should have long wavy hair.

The hair weave business in Africa is flourishing, because every African girl wants to have long wavy hair like the white girl they see in newspapers, magazines, on TV and on the internet, etc.

Typical Caucasian beauty

Portrait of a Black woman

Look at every copy of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calendars and there is little or no difference between the white models and the black models. The only distinction is the dark skin of the black models, but they are the same with the white ones in physiognomy and anatomy.

Africans have accepted the Caucasian definition of beauty and use it in their choices of friends, lovers and spouses. The closer a black girl looks like a white girl, the more attractive she is to the black guys and in fact, they go gaga over how heavenly she looks and compose love poems and songs in eulogies of the aesthetics of her beauty. We see the examples of this perception in majority of the music videos of African singers and musicians showing African or black girls and women looking like white girls. This African admission and submission to the Caucasian definition of beauty has made Africans to feel and look inferior in comparison to white people and only increases the ego of white superiority complex in their relationship with blacks.

Most black guys want their black girlfriends or wives to look like the white beauties.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Magnificent African beauty Leila Lopes is the New Miss Universe!

Magnificent African beauty Miss Angola Leila Lopes on Tuesday was crowned Miss Universe 2011 in a star-studded ceremony in Brazil's Sao Paolo. India's hopes were dashed early into the competition's final rounds after Indian contestant Vasuki Sunkavalli failed to make it to the top 10.

Born in Benguela, Angola Lopes is a business management student in Great Britain, where she was crowned Miss Angola UK on October 8, 2010.

Lopes, who stands 1.79 m (5 ft 10 1⁄2 in) tall, competed as one of 21 finalists in her country's national beauty pageant, Miss Angola, held in Luanda on December 18, 2010,where she obtained the Photogenic Award and became the eventual winner of the title, gaining the right to represent Angola in Miss Universe 2011.

Lopes is the fourth African woman to win the title, the last African who won is Mpule Kwelagobe, Miss Universe 1999 from Botswana.

Click here to read the full report.

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Friday, August 05, 2011

Rosalina from Nigeria with love

Rosalina is a natural beauty from the southwestern region of Nigeria.

She is a graduate of the University of Abuja and now works for Screen Naija Open Air Cinema Festival and Services of the International Digital Post Network Limited.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

South African beauties

South African beauties are among he most natural ones in the world.

Sylvia Nduka is the new Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria

Sylvia Nduka, the winner of the 2011 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) Beauty Pageant

Black beauty Miss Taraba , Sylvia Nduka is the new Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN). She was the choice of the judges and by the popular votes of the public who had a challenging task of selecting from the bevy of 34 final contestants from different states in Nigeria.

The new beauty queen was crowned Saturday night at the Eko Expo Centre on Victoria Island, Lagos. She also got a brand new Hyundai car and N3 million cash prize and will also represent Nigeria at the 2011 Miss World Beauty Pageant in London, UK.

The following are respective winners in other categories of the beauty pageant.

MBGN Tourism 2011 – Obioma Isiwu (Miss Enugu)
MBGN ECOWAS 2011 – Grace Ndam (Miss Lagos)
MBGN 2011/BellaNaija Miss Photogenic - Tobi Banjoko (Miss Ondo)
MBGN 2011 Miss Amity – Delphine Okobah (Miss Ebonyi)
MBGN 2011 Miss La Casera – Nwando Ebeledike (Miss Adamawa)
MBGN 2011 Model - Oluchi Okafor (Miss Kogi)
MBGN 2011 Face of Select Pro - Gabriella Ndu (Miss Abia)

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thank God she is black and beautiful

If your sweetheart is naturally black and beautiful,
Black and beautiful like Yonta
Yonta the naive
Yonta the suave
Yonta the brave
Please give thanks to the Almighty God who made her so.

She is hot chocolate and good for the heart.

Tell her not to bleach, tone or skin wash her natural endowment given to her by our maker and owner of our life.

I love my own black and beautiful woman.

I thank God for the black woman after my heart.

Photo Credit: From the film THE BLUE EYES OF YONTA /UDJU AZUL DI YONTA by Flora Gomes, Guinea-Bissau, 1992; 90m

Yonta is a beautiful young woman growing up in the city of Bissau a generation after her nation has gained independence. She develops a secret crush on Vicente, a good friend of her parents and a hero of their country's struggle. Meanwhile, Yonta herself has a secret admirer, a shy young man name Zé who sends her love letters copied from a Scandinavian book (hence, her "beautiful blue eyes"). Gomes' film is a lovely, delicate work about youthful illusions--both personal and national--that powerfully demonstrates the director's talent for eliciting wonderfully nuanced performances from his actors.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Shine: Black, Bold and Beautiful

There is no dull moment with the black, bold and beautiful Shine of Rainbow FM in Nigeria. She is cheerful and sweet; pleasant; delightful; gracious and polite, but she knows her onions.

Please, meet the sweetest Nigerian MC in her own words.

My full names are Anino Judy Shine Begho, but a lot of people prefer to call me Shine because it’s easy to remember and it’s unique.

I hail from Warri, Delta State in the south-south region of Nigeria. I majored in mass communication in the university. I have contested in beauty pageants and modeled since I turned 18 and I have also been a professional dancer, but now I do it for fun and also as a form of exercise to keep fit.

I love music and since I graduated from the university in 2007, I’ve been in the media/entertainment industry. I started as a TV presenter and then moved to radio as a presenter too but alongside I host and mc events and parties. I also do voice over recordings for radio and TV jingles/promos. But in the mist of all these I try as much as possible to rest , have fun with family and friends, travel and do all the fun things I dreamt of as a kid.

I don’t like and I don’t play wacky songs on my radio show on Rainbow FM. That is why I don’t ask or collect any cash or gifts from artistes to play their songs or interview them. If your music is good enough then I will broadcast it gratis. I believe in merit.

You can listen to my new single on

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oluchi Onweagba Reloaded


Oluchi Onweagba reminds us of a young Naomi Campbell in the height of her mid-'90s supermodeldom, except that we don't get authorities involved when we see Oluchi holding a cell phone. Oluchi has appeared in several well-known fashion magazines and has graced the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editionfor several years running.

Oluchi Onweagba Quote

"I think I reflect a lot of African beauty. I am African. And I am beautiful."


In Oluchi Onweagba's mother tongue, her first name means "God's work." We certainly have to agree for two reasons: 1) Who are we to dispute the translation? And, 2) just one look at her and you'll reaffirm your belief in whichever god you're partial to. While some models are so thin they pull muscles just picking up an apple, watching the curvy Oluchi strut her long legs on the catwalk is one reason to not anxiously search for the remote when you happen upon the fashion channel. With her 6'2" frame, we imagine a night out with Oluchi would involve doing whatever the hell she wanted. We're OK with that.


Oluchi Onweagba might not yet be a household name, but she's definitely on speed dial at men's magazines and fashion houses. She's made five appearances in the Victoria's Secret fashion show and has had four consecutive placements in Sports IllustratedSwimsuit Edition. We happen to own all four of those issues. Go figure.

From Ask Men

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Photo Credit: Trendz Info

Happy New Year 2011!

We give all the glory to God for protecting and saving our beautiful and wonderful life to see the dawn of another year and we trust HIM to continue to see us through in the coming years and decades!

We thank God 24/7!

31 Dec 2010 10:00 Africa/Lagos

The Top Baby Names of 2010 Revealed

LONDON, December 31, 2010/PRNewswire/ -- Katie and Amy have fallen out of the list of the top 20 female christian names, it emerged yesterday (30th January 2010).

The monikers of troubled stars Katie Price and Amy Winehouse have been replaced by prettier and less infamous names, Maisie and Isabella.

The highest climber in the list of the most popular girls' names in the UK today is Bella, due in no small part to the lead character in Twilight, played by actress Kristen Stewart. Lacey, as in EastEnders actress Lacey Turner, is also on the up, soaring from number 57 up to 37. Florence is also becoming increasingly popular, moving up 33 places, as is Maisy.

Olivia is still top after 3 years and Sophie is still second. Lily is now third, up from 8th place, with Emily and Ruby completing the top five.

In the boys list Jack has finally been bumped off top spot by Oliver after 16 years in first place. Jack is now second while Harry, Charlie and Alfie, all non-movers, make up the top five.

Another bad year for F1 ace Lewis Hamilton has seen the popularity of his first name drop from 13th to 19th place, whilst his singer girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger fares even worse, with the name Nicole dropping seven places down the girls list to 84th place.

Ollie emerged as the biggest climber - up 56 places to number 53 - while Zachary, perhaps inspired by High School Musical's Zac Efron or even the son of jungle queen Stacey Soloman, has also become more common.

Bobby - the name of the late Jade Goody's son - is another big climber, up 25 places to number 70. And Kai - Coleen and Wayne Rooney's son has stepped up 10 places to number 56, despite his father's indiscretions.

The list was compiled by parenting club Bounty from names given to 423,000 children born in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland during 2010.

Yesterday, Faye Mingo, spokeswoman for ( said: ''Our records show that parents are continuing to be influenced by popular culture and celebrity trends.

"The remarkable rise in popularity of names such as Ollie and Florence are most probably due to the X Factor star Olly Murs and the singer from Florence and the Machine experiencing their time in the limelight.

"However, parents are looking to a wide range of sources for influence and also seem to be rediscovering more traditional, 'old-fashioned' names like Ava and Stanley which have been more associated with grandparents in the past.

"Biblical names are also proving popular with Noah rising 20 places to 15th place and Jacob up 7, just missing the top ten."

Olivia is enjoying its third year in top spot after deposing Grace in 2008.

Jessica climbed one place to sixth, while Chloe dropped from fifth to seventh. Ava made it into the top ten for the first time while Grace slipped to ninth from sixth.

Amelia completed the top ten. Lucy was a non-mover at 13 while the next four places were all taken up by new names, including Isabella which climbed eight places to 14th.

Megan, Isla and Freya have all become more popular as has Lilly, most probably inspired by the singer Lily Allen.

On the boys list Jack finally surrendered top spot to Oliver but very little of the rest of the top ten changed. William climbed one spot to eighth as did Daniel to ninth while James slipped two to tenth.

Other names we will be hearing more regularly includes Logan, which climbed seven places to 17th and Oscar, which moved up four to 22nd.

Callum and Liam seem to have had their day - they were the biggest fallers in the top 30, seven and nine places respectively.

And new entries into the top 100 lists were Esme, Courtney, Jude, Elliot and Stanley.

Faye Mingo added: "A recent study we ran found that one in five parents regret the names they have chosen for their children, so it's more important than ever for parents to choose a name them and their child will love for the rest of their life.

"It's hard to predict what we'll see next year but it's most probable that celebrities and popular culture will again play a part - and with a royal wedding on the horizon we may well see an increase in Williams and Kates born in celebration!"

See the Top 100 boys and girls names of 2010 and check the latest regional popularity ( ratings at Bounty's baby names ( section which features a host of unique and handy functions to help parents decide on baby names. As well as being able to search names using letters of the alphabet (, number of syllables, origin, and meaning, parents can also search trend graphs which show if names are declining/growing in popularity as well as popular sibling/middle names for their chosen name, amongst a host of other useful tools.


1. Oliver
2. Jack
3. Harry
4. Charlie
5. Alfie
6. Thomas
7. Joshua
8. William
9. Daniel
10. James
11. Jacob
12. George
13. Ethan
14. Lucas
15. Noah
16. Max
17. Logan
18. Joseph
19. Lewis
20. Dylan
21. Samuel
22. Oscar
23. Ryan
24. Archie
25. Riley
26. Jayden
27. Tyler
28. Jake
29. Callum
30. Liam
31. Alexander
32. Connor
33. Luke
34. Adam
35. Benjamin
36. Matthew
37. Leo
38. Finley
39. Jamie
40. Alex
41. Freddie
42. Mason
43. Harrison
44. Henry
45. Ben
46. Harvey
47. Nathan
48. Isaac
49. Cameron
50. Aaron
51. Theo
52. Edward
53. Ollie
54. Finlay
55. Owen
56. Kai
57. Harley
58. Aiden
59. Michael
60. Toby
61. Sam
62. Leon
63. Kyle
64. David
65. Rhys
66. Evan
67. Bailey
68. Reece
69. Zachary
70. Bobby
71. Ashton
72. Kian
73. Sebastian
74. Luca
75. Kayden
76. Louis
77. Zac
78. Taylor
79. Brandon
80. John
81. Hayden
82. Billy
83. Caleb
84. Jude
85. Blake
86. Joe
87. Louie
88. Jay
89. Christopher
90. Joel
91. Bradley
92. Ellis
93. Corey
94. Elliot
95. Zak
96. Robert
97. Stanley
98. Aidan
99. Jenson
100. Patrick


1. Olivia
2. Sophie
3. Lily
4. Emily
5. Ruby
6. Jessica
7. Chloe
8. Ava
9. Grace
10. Amelia
11. Mia
12. Evie
13. Lucy
14. Isabella
15. Maisie
16. Poppy
17. Daisy
18. Ellie
19. Ella
20. Megan
21. Isla
22. Freya
23. Charlotte
24. Lilly
25. Summer
26. Isabelle
27. Holly
28. Sophia
29. Millie
30. Erin
31. Katie
32. Amy
33. Scarlett
34. Hannah
35. Lexi
36. Imogen
37. Lacey
38. Molly
39. Eva
40. Brooke
41. Lola
42. Phoebe
43. Layla
44. Emma
45. Leah
46. Abigail
47. Sienna
48. Gracie
49. Amber
50. Jasmine
51. Alice
52. Matilda
53. Elizabeth
54. Anna
55. Madison
56. Rosie
57. Paige
58. Lauren
59. Isabel
60. Bethany
61. Caitlin
62. Georgia
63. Faith
64. Lexie
65. Florence
66. Rebecca
67. Niamh
68. Zoe
69. Maya
70. Skye
71. Maddison
72. Tilly
73. Keira
74. Scarlet
75. Tia
76. Amelie
77. Libby
78. Sofia
79. Sarah
80. Aimee
81. Isobel
82. Esme
83. Zara
84. Nicole
85. Julia
86. Martha
87. Maisy
88. Heidi
89. Abbie
90. Mya
91. Darcy
92. Rose
93. Eleanor
94. Kayla
95. Miley
96. Hollie
97. Eve
98. Bella
99. Evelyn
100. Courtney


1. Jack
2. Oliver
3. Charlie
4. Harry
5. Alfie
6. Thomas
7. Joshua
8. William
9. James
10. Daniel
11. George
12. Ethan
13. Lewis
14. Max
15. Lucas
16. Dylan
17. Archie
18. Joseph
19. Jacob
20. Samuel
21. Liam
22. Callum
23. Oscar
24. Jayden
25. Logan
26. Ryan
27. Jake
28. Tyler
29. Riley
30. Luke
31. Harvey
32. Ben
33. Adam
34. Alexander
35. Benjamin
36. Leo
37. Matthew
38. Noah
39. Connor
40. Alex
41. Jamie
42. Harrison
43. Mason
44. Cameron
45. Owen
46. Henry
47. Nathan
48. Finley
49. Aaron
50. Freddie
51. Issac
52. Sam
53. Finlay
54. Theo
55. Harley
56. Aiden
57. Toby
58. Edward
59. Rhys
60. Michael
61. Evan
62. Kyle
63. Leon
64. Reece
65. David
66. Kai
67. Ashton
68. Bailey
69. Kian
70. Louis
71. Taylor
72. Hayden
73. Brandon
74. Joe
75. Jay
76. Luca
77. Kayden
78. Ewan
79. Joel
80. Sebastian
81. Zac
82. Ellis
83. Josh
84. Aidan
85. John
86. Billy
87. Zak
88. Bradley
89. Kieran
90. Blake
91. Christopher
92. Morgan
93. Caleb
94. Louie
95. Andrew
96. Bobby
97. Gabriel
98. Robert
99. Elliot


1. Olivia
2. Ruby
3. Sophie
4. Chloe
5. Emily
6. Grace
7. Jessica
8. Lily
9. Amelia
10. Evie
11. Mia
12. Lucy
13. Ava
14. Ella
15. Charlotte
16. Amy
17. Daisy
18. Katie
19. Megan
20. Summer
21. Ellie
22. Isabella
23. Holly
24. Millie
25. Poppy
26. Freya
27. Erin
28. Isla
29. Isabelle
30. Hannah
31. Emma
32. Brooke
33. Molly
34. Phoebe
35. Eva
36. Leah
37. Lilly
38. Abigail
39. Sophia
40. Imogen
41. Maisie
42. Scarlett
43. Lexi
44. Jasmine
45. Lola
46. Layla
47. Isabel
48. Lauren
49. Amber
50. Madison
51. Matilda
52. Elizabeth
53. Bethany
54. Sienna
55. Rosie
56. Anna
57. Gracie
58. Paige
59. Alice
60. Caitlin
61. Georgia
62. Maddison
63. Rebecca
64. Lacey
65. Isobel
66. Faith
67. Libby
68. Tia
69. Keira
70. Lexie
71. Niamh
72. Skye
73. Nicole
74. Aimee
75. Sarah
76. Zoe
77. Eleanor
78. Amelie
79. Julia
80. Eve
81. Maya
82. Tilly
83. Zara
84. Martha
85. Sofia
86. Scarlet
87. Darcy
88. Abbie
89. Victoria
90. Heidi
91. Alexandra
92. Taylor
93. Miley
94. Kayla
95. Mya
96. Lydia
97. Florence
98. Evelyn
99. Rose
100. Courtney

Notes to Editors:

- The top 100 boys and girls names lists were compiled using data
collated from the registered births of Bounty Parenting Club members in

- Bounty ( is the UK's favourite parenting club,
providing information, support and products for young families
throughout the four key-life stages: pre-birth, birth, toddlers and

- With 2.5 million members and over 50,000 new members joining
every month, Bounty reaches 9 out of 10 new and expectant parents in
the UK through its Bounty bag sampling

- has 750,000 opted-in members and a further
28,000 new members joining each month
- features a host of unique and
handy new functions and tools to help you decide on baby names.
Whether your heart is set on a name and you want to find out more about
its origin or meaning, have absolutely no idea how to go about choosing
a name or simply want to find a name rated by others as 'cool' or
'exotic', is the go-to site for all your naming needs. In
just one click you can search:

- Regional mapping (search the popularity of names throughout the UK
based on where you live)

- Middle names (search for names that are most commonly used as middle
names with your chosen first name)

- Sibling names (search for common sibling names alongside your chosen
first name)

- Rate names according to how 'cool', 'great', 'traditional', 'exotic',
'unique' they are

- Find out nick-names, explore famous people names, and characters
featured in books, TV or film

- Find out who else likes the names you do and ask friends and family to
confidentially rate your favourite names

- Name trend graph showing if names are in declining/growing in

- Search using letters of the alphabet, number of syllables, origin, and

- Collate your own 'shopping basket' of preferred names

Source: Bounty UK Ltd

For further information please contact Rachel Burrows on +44-(0)1707-294000, or email