Friday, December 31, 2010

Nigeria’s Best Kept Beauty Secret

A Nigerian beauty Adaeze. Photo Credit: Nigerian Entertainment Today.

Do you know Nigeria’s best kept beauty secret?
I found it on the BEST YOU blog and you can find out the details from the following article.

Nigeria’s Best Kept Beauty Secret

Shea nuts. Photo Credit: My Bath House

When Moabong Oku left Nigeria 16 years ago, one beauty aid she brought with her was shea butter. It’s made from the nut of Africa’s karite tree, indigenous to some 20 countries in the dry savannah belt, called the Sahel, which stretches from West Senegal to Sudan.

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Tangled Hair Techs said...

Shea Butter is such a natural and wonderful secret of African beauty, its a shame more African women internationally don't even know about it.

A lot of American and European companies are now using it in their products and increasing the prices-where as pure Shea butter is not as costly as one might think. Many beauty supply stores are now starting to stock the product in countries outside of Africa

Thanks for the blog post, so many women will be enlightened by the information.