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The new CARRERA eyewear marketing campaign
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PADOVA, Italy, March 18 /PRNewswire/ — CARRERA, international iconic fashion eyewear brand, presents its new worldwide marketing campaign: striking images, amid bright reflections and vibrant colours, which will surely attract the attention of the public all over the world.

Devised and created by MRM Worldwide Italia, the Digital Thinking Agency of McCann Worldgroup, the campaign's message is direct and effective, thanks to a clear and engaging headline: "SHINE ON", an encouragement to let our inner light show through, to live life to the max and with enthusiasm, wearing CARRERA frames and sunglasses.

Featuring original photography, the campaign portrays young men and women in an urban location lit up by warm light which encompasses everything it meets, underlining the dynamic and timeless spirit of the CARRERA brand. A spirit which took root in 1956, the year the brand was born and since then has successfully grown and developed in the eyewear and sport sectors, while still maintaining its "on the road" soul, decisive and constantly orientated at seeking a winning performance. This is why today CARRERA is the brand of choice for anyone who wants to be authentic and fashionable, without compromising.

The urban location provides the ideal setting for the campaign to unfold. The campaign’s super-trendy hipsters, brimming with the same youthful appeal of the frames and sunglasses they are wearing, are self-assured and exude a powerful vital energy that seems to be part of their very being.

The roll out for the "SHINE ON" campaign is expected in mid March 2010 and will take place through a broad and complete mixture of media both in Europe and the United States.

In particular, besides an important press and outdoor campaign in the most trendy international locations, from Miami to New York, from Barcelona to Paris to Milan, substantial implementation is also planned for digital media channels, with the launch of the new website and an expressive social media platform which will allow the brand to bond with its public. To round off the project, there are plans for ongoing high-profile special events, public relations and music product placement activities.

The campaign depicts the world of "Fast-Laners", young men and women who live fast lives and always to the fullest, who prefer an individual style which goes beyond fleeting trends. The new images transmit the spirit of the CARRERA brand, the brand for those who are not afraid to live their life to the max, in the fast lane, constantly revving the passion accelerator.

Roberto Vedovotto, Chief Executive Officer of Safilo Group, stated: "We are enthusiastic about the success that Carrera is experiencing all over the world. It is a strategic brand for Safilo, in which we are investing a lot and which we believe still has great growth potential. Wearing a pair of Carrera glasses means expressing your personality, without compromises, while feeling part of a large community. Being oneself but not being alone. This is why our marketing campaign also has its foot on the accelerator in social network channels."

CARRERA presents original and stylish creations for the coming season with a collection that has a winning blend of unmistakable style and premium materials. The new eyewear designs are guaranteed to turn heads.

The CARRERA collection of optical frames and sunglasses is designed by Enzo Sopracolle, and produced and distributed by the Safilo Group.

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