Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Unbraider for Those Who Love Braids

We need competent and honest distributors for the revolutionary Unbraider in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso and Guinea.

You can contact me directly or contact Natasha Anderson-Imara.
See details below.

The Unbraider has been invented and special engineered for hair stylists to save them from Wrist pain, strain, and weakness.

Wrist pain is a problem that can really have a negative affect your everyday life and since many people do hair for their friends or children, they can encounter this problem. Natasha Anderson-Imara, president of Glamour Devine first encountered this problem when speaking with stylists who were new to braiding and cornrowing. Many stylists use a twisting technique or rattail comb when unbraiding hair, causing undue stress on the wrist. One client solved the aching wrist problem by wearing wrist braces during the more active portions of her practice. Her e is another solution.

The Unbraider has been engineered to take down 6 to 8 braids at a time.
The only product on the market designed and engineered to do this.
Has been tested across the United States by braiders and braid wearers.
A hand held tool that will allow you to take down your braids 8 times faster.
Engineered and designed to take down Micro Individuals and Corn Rolls.
Engineered and designed to minimize hair breakage and loss.
Designed to both take down braids while at the same time comb out unbraided hair.
This is a 2-in-1 process.


Retail Price: Unbraider Comb $19.99

Shop @ The Unbraider or call 909 624 0500

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