Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Linda Ikeji:The Highest Paid Model In Nigeria.

Linda Ikeji: The Highest Paid Model in Nigeria
Linda Michael Ikeji is the highest paid model in Nigeria. She is exciting and thrilling in her mesmerizing catwalk on the runway since she began modeling in 1998 at 17 and has been an instant success all the way. She is only 5’8 tall, but she has the perfect physique for the catwalk with her slim and trim figure and chocolate complexion. Her sexy figure is her best asset in modeling. She is also very disciplined and humble. She is also known to be gracious and generous since her days as a student of English at the University of Lagos in Nigeria. She graduated and chose to set up her own enterprise instead of looking for employment like millions of other graduates in Nigeria who are still applicants. She believes in her talents and good education.

Linda is the pride of her parents, five sisters and one brother. And she has successfully organized over two major events since she launched her Black Dove Modeling and Events Management company on the mainland of Lagos in Nigeria.

She has written a book on fashion, beauty and modeling in Nigeria.

“But, I am producing my fashion and beauty magazine first before the book. It is called the Fashion, Modeling and Beauty Magazine (FM&B) and will be launched before the Christmas,” Linda said in her modest office in Lagos on Monday September 26, 2005.


Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Dear Spammers,
I have decided to address your problem formally.

I hope you will not be disappointed.

God bless.

Chris said...

Hi Orilinla,

Linda is beautiful! I can see why she's a top model in your country.

Keep showing us more models from Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

I've added your blog to my blogroll.

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Linda Ikeji said...

Thank you Chris!


ooo wow, u so fine girl..
keep representing..
one luv...

ojimaduka said...

is wonderful my sister is doing fine.
am proud of you.keep on keeping on.this good thing can only come from NKWEREE ORLU.